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Guiding You Through The Criminal Record Expungement Process

In Louisiana, a criminal arrest can badly damage your personal and professional reputation. A record of your arrest may also prevent you from taking on certain kinds of employment or working in certain fields. An arrest may also remain upon your criminal record permanently. Even an acquittal of an arrest may not always prevent arrest information from appearing on your criminal record.

Through a criminal record expungement, you may be able to prevent employers and other individuals from accessing this arrest information. Such a process provides you a maximum amount of privacy when it concerns your past. As an experienced Thibodaux criminal defense attorney, I can represent you during a criminal expungement and help you understand the process. Besides preventing your arrest record from becoming public information, I also know what steps to take if such information continues to be available.

Determining Whether You Are Eligible For Expungement

Because the criminal expungement process is complex, it is generally advisable to speak to a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer regarding whether this is a viable option for you. The result of an expungement can differ depending upon the circumstances. When deciding on whether to order an expungement, courts will look at:

  • Your current age and your age at the time of the arrest
  • The length of time since conviction occurred
  • The crime which you wish to conceal from your criminal record
  • The nature of your criminal history including other arrests
  • How the arrest was resolved

The expungement process can be lengthy and involve the preparation and filing of a number of forms. A mistake in filling out an expungement process can result in denial of the expungement.

For this reason, it is important not to leave the process to chance. As a Louisiana criminal defense attorney, I have been helping individuals get on with their lives following an arrest for over 25 years. I will do what is necessary in presenting evidence to the court that an expungement be granted.

Providing Knowledge And Representation Regarding Your Criminal Matter

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